Your Councillors

Who are your Parish Councillors


May 2014 005a

Cllr. Mr. Paul Clarke Parish Council  Chairman
Tel. 01981 550470


Cllr. Mr. Maurice J. Church
Tel. 01981 550658

May 2014 022

Cllr. Mr. Richard Gaze
Tel. 01981 550333


Cllr. Mr Robert Metcalfe

Tel 01981 550720


Cllr. Mr. David Morgan
Tel. 01981 550748


May 2014 012a

Cllr. Ms. Sarah Murrin Vice-Chairman
Tel. 01981 550501

May 2014 007a

Cllr. Mrs. Rosemary Quelch
Tel. 01981 551961/550201


May 2014 001a

Cllr. Mr. Brendan C. Treanor
Chairman Finance Working Group Tel. 01981 550482

May 2014 015a

Golden Valley North Ward Councillor Mr. Philip D. Price & Cabinet Member for Infrastructure
Tel. 01981 500349


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